Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Aberdeenshire Railway

I don't seem to find much on web sites about this but there is a lovely old disused railway that runs along the whole North coast and looks ideal for cycling quietly, safely and on fairly level ground. I did find this reference ISLA WAY about a part of the track, but from my view its much longer. Our family may do this run in the summer vacation as the railway goes through some lovely scenery and unlike many railway walks is taken care of and looks tarmac'd.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kelso to Coldstream Line

There is a road virtually under the new road bridge in Kelso that takes you to a lovely and long walk potentially from Kelso to Coldstream on the old line. If you turn right after crossing the bridge from kelso you go into a road leading to an industrial estate and eventually signed st Boswells. Turn immediately right again and the road goes through some industrial buildings, then through a housing arera and then comes out on the river and goes under the bridge. Turn right and you will see the railway bridge above, a lovely strong bridge over the road. Just before it on the right is a parking place and then you will come under the bridge and walk up to the very nice tarmac'd track. Left would take you in a short time to the indystrial estate where the railway got lost in deveklopment. But turn right and this track would take you to Coldstream through some lovely countryside.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


The railway was important to Earlston and since its removal; the town has declined. It ran behind what is now the coop. Here is a picture of what was an old road bridge over the railway which was quite low as can be seen.

Almost all the railway has been used up for industrial development and the new school. The google image shows it entering the town to the right but other than the tunnel indicated it is not very easy to trace and impossible to walk. If one takes the railway road out of Earlston past the coop and then takes a sharp left down into an industrial area with a lot of old car wrecks the railway can be seen but its fenced so no access.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cherry Tree

Just outside of Duns before the houses stop on the A6105, turn right before the garage, the track crosses a road known as Cherry Tree. There is a high bank both sides of the road so the bridge was taken down, probably iron by the looks of it. This picture is looking back towards Duns. The map shows the previous post and this one on the right. I think this is a nice fglat walk suitable for all ages and about 1 mile.

On the very left can be seen the vets amongst a group of industiral buildings. on the right can be seen Cherry Tree and where it cuts the railway


The photo is of the track running East towards Chirnside. The area is now an industrial estate and the track starts just behind a vets. The other side going West towards Greenlaw has bene lost I think, we could not find it all covered with huge warehouses and factories.

Chirnside Station

Had a good trip to the old Chirnside Station today. The building is being renovated as a home and is in disarray. The builder came out and actually had an old photo of the station as it was which he gave me. One does meet some good people.
The green part was the first class waiting room and one can even see the platform through the grass. Both approaches are overgrown badly and cannot be walked. But the Station is in very good shape for its age. The builder said they intend to restore it including the white picket fence.

I guess in the 1950's or earlier